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11 Responses

  1. As’kum,

    Macam mana nak jadi pengedar yang sah?


  2. aku nk beli dempo snow skrang,aku dh cr merate tmpt,x jumpe gak…tlong…cubelah korang wat satu tmpt tetap kat klang ni,asyek bergerak je….
    aku nk beli ni…bg tau aku news psal jualan dempo snow ni….
    contact aku kt no ni…0176784799

  3. how i can buy it?

  4. Hello,

    I have tried this cream when I was on a trip to Malaysia. I was very satisfied.
    I would really like to buy some more, but I live in Norway.
    Is it possible to make a shipping to Norway.
    I would, of course, buy several packages.

    Best regards
    Karine Johansen

  5. hi,
    i really proud with dempo snow product bcoz it’s really effective! I’ve been used it for about 1 year..and now all my pimples and old scars are gone..and my skin bcome smooth n brighter than before..it’s amazing! nway congrates to dempo snow! keep it up k!

  6. salam
    I have bought one of your creams but i don’t know how to use it, can you give the instructions please
    best regards

  7. Hi there! My daughter and I have been using the dempo snow and find it good. We wish to buy more but not sure where to purchase it. I have contacted the number on the phamplet but they have not sent the cream yet. Could you kindly advice me where or how to purchase the cream.

    Thank you.

  8. Hi, just would like to enquire if Dempo Snow is cruelty free ie, not tested on animals? Thanks!

  9. sy penah pakai produk ini and its work! mane nk dptkan lagi kat area melaka ea?? tlg reply…

  10. I am interested to sell your products and also interested to buy from you directly.

  11. I need this dempo snow product, Could you tell me how to buy this……

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