Composition / Kandungan

Dempo Snow cleanser is skincare product that made up from the natural formula which is from the seaweeds known as LAMINARIA and JUICY TUBE. And does not contain any alcohol or chemical stuff and mercury like any other skin care product.



Sengkuang / Benkoang

Sengkuang / Bengkoang

Dempo Snow cream diperbuat daripada formula semulajadi iaitu daripada sejenis rumpai laut yang juga dikenali sebagai LAMINARIA dan SENGKUANG. Dempo Snow tidak mengandungi bahan kimia dan mercury seperti produk penjagaan kulit yang lain.

5 Responses

  1. where i can get it? (i live in east jakarta)

  2. where i can buy dempo gain?
    i live in jakarta, indonesia

  3. I tried it and I like the effect it makes.How can I order it ?

  4. beberapa orang kawan saya telah mencuba produk ini dan ia amat berkesan. Saya berminat untuk membeli produk ini. Bagaimana cara untuk mendapatkan produk ini?

  5. I need to buy this product Dempo Snow cream is it possible to buy in Sri Lanka if not how do i buy this cream please reply this mail as soon as possible i thank full this

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